14th Annual 2018 April Hiker Fool Bash Weekend

Friends while making your 2017 northbound hiking plans please keep in mind the Thirteenth Annual Appalachian Trail Hiker Fool Bash

Same as last year But it has been moved to Hiawassee, Georgia Budget Inn 
Lots of entertainment planned for the hikers. Vendors, Music, Fun.
Make plans to attend even if you are lodging at other establishments.

If you would like to make your reservations Call Budget Inn of Hiawassee, Ga 706-896-4121 if you want lodging at the bash.
We will also have room for tenting at the bash. Tent Spots are $10 each night per person.

This around the clock Event Starts Friday Evening March30th at 6 pm until Sunday Morning April 1st at 11 am

As many of you know and in your guide books we make 1, 2, or 3 runs runs each morning from Budget Inn to Unicoi & Dicks Creek Gap

We look forward to seeing you here in Hiawassee & Franklin. If you have questions  feel free to call us or pm.
Thanks to all who has helped in the past to make this great event possible. ( Here is a Appalachian Trail Services Link 2018 )

For Information in Hiawassee, Ga contact: The Budget Inn of Hiawassee 706-896-4121 - hiawasseebudgetinn.com

Room Number--S is Smoking Rooms  NS is non Smoking Rooms Days  Reserved
Hiawassee  Budget Inn 706-896-4121
101---2 Double Bed-----NS   Fri & Sat
102---2 Double Beds ---NS   Fri & Sat
103---2 Double Beds----NS   Fri & Sat
104---2 Double Beds ---NS   Fri & Sat
105------1 King Bed-----NS   Fri & Sat
106--2 Double Beds-----NS   Fri & Sat
107-----1 King Beds ----NS   Fri & Sat
108--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
109--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
110--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
111-----1 King Bed------S   Fri & Sat
112--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
114--2 King Bed------NS   Fri & Sat
115--2 King Bed------NS   Fri & Sat
116--1 King Bed------NS   Fri & Sat
Franklin, NC  Budget Inn 828-524-4403
1---1 Queen Bed-----NS   Fri & Sat
8---2 Double Beds ---S   Fri & Sat
9---2 Double Beds----S   Fri & Sat
10--2 Double Beds ---S   Fri & Sat
11--2 Double Beds ---S   Fri & Sat
12--1 King Bed-------S   Fri & Sat
14--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
15--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
16--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
17--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
18--1 King Bed------NS   Fri & Sat
19--2 Double Beds --NS   Fri & Sat
20--1 King Bed------NS   Fri & Sat
Penny Pincher Hiker's Den Hostel of Franklin, NC
Bunk Room A    
1.---1 Twin Size Top Bunk-----NS   Fri & Sat
2.---1 Twin Size Top Bunk-----NS-   Fri & Sat
3.---1 Twin Size Bottom Bunk-NS   Fri & Sat
4.---1 Twin Size Bottom Bunk-NS-   Fri & Sat
Bunk Room B    
5.---1 Twin Size Top Bunk-----NS   Fri & Sat
6.---1 Twin Size Top Bunk-----NS   Fri & Sat
7.---1 Twin Size Bottom Bunk-NS   Fri & Sat
8.---1 Twin Size Bottom Bunk-NS-   Fri & Sat
9---1 Full Size Bed - single rm-NS-   Fri & Sat
178--2 Queen Size Bed- ingle rm-NS   Fri & Sat
180--1 Full Size Bed - single rm-NS-   Fri & Sat