Hiker Fool Bash
14th Annual 2018 Appalachian Trail Gathering         

  Appalachian Trail Hiker Fool Bash 2018 Will be at Budget Inn of Hiawassee, Ga
This will be a new location for the Hiker Fool Bash in 2018 - It has formerly been held in Franklin, NC
6 pm Friday March 30th - until Sunday morning at 11 am April 1st


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Schedule for Saturday March 31st 2018 at 6 pm Starts the 13th Annual April Hiker Fool Bash Weekend will be at the Budget Inn of Hiawasse
Saturday 6 pm at Budget Inn - Live Music  -  Hiker Talent & More  -  Event sponsored solely By : The Ron Haven Family & Budget Inn Contact

 Lodging Reservations

.  . Hiker's     Den Hostel
Franklin, NC

 Franklin Budget Inn

Hiawassee Budget Inn

Baltimore Jack Tarlin            The Three Hiker Fool Bash Founders Pictured to the Right      Wil Geffee - Ron Haven - Tom Geffee

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